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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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before they do something? >> a call for change tonight after a 6-year-old little girl walking to school is struck and killed in the cross walk, right in front of her own mother. good evidence aing, thank you for joining us this evening. i'm jessica aguirre. raj mathai is off tonight. it turns out that the driver of the car that struck the little girl is a teacher at a nearby elementary school. she was expecting another day of counting and reading stories, but instead she was killed as she walked in front of her mother and two little sisters. george kiriyama is live at the crash site tonight where there's a growing memorial for the little girl. and george, a call for change, because that cross walk doesn't have lights and lots of moms say it's very busy there in the morning. >> reporter: it is very busy here in the morning, especially in this cross walk area. in fact, there are three cross walks here on bay road at gloria avenue. tonight, neighbors are calling for the city to put in more stop
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signs to prevent another accident. mothers kept their children close to them as they walked across the same cross walk where this 6-year-old was hit and killed as she was walking to school. >> it's really scary. >> reporter: veronica rodriguez walks to school with her teacher each day using the same cross walk. >> not everybody is watching, so they go like really fast. >> reporter: kids like 9-year-old sandra ramos says she's scared to cross the street. >> it feels sad that she died and i don't want the same thing to happen to me. >> reporter: rodriguez and other neighbors are outraged and calling on the city to put in stop signs, install flashing lights and hire crossing guards. >> we can prevent this kind of accident and we don't do anything. so how many kids need to die? >> reporter: police say she was walking with her mother and
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sisters when a driver struck her and dragged her. >> i saw the little girl get hit and i seen her body get thrown. i come up a little closer and i started shaking. >> reporter: police say the driver, 49-year-old alisha, a teacher at a nearby school, was not ticketed and the death appears to be an accident. the little girl's mother is devastated. this is the memorial set up here at this intersection and continues to grow as more and more people stop by to pay their respects. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00 tonight, mountain climbers need their hands and an austrian climber is thankful to have both hands in tact after severing a thumb climbing in yosemite. fortunately the man's climbing partner was able to retrieve the
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finger even after it fell 80 feet. rangers brought in a helicopter for a daring rescue, rushing the injured climber to california pacific medical center in san francisco where, believe it or not, his thumb was successfully reattached. firefighters are pouring 45,000 gallons on a bridge in san francisco, but there's no fire. the heat in the city is not just making people sweat, but it's expanding that bridge. crews are hoping that water will help cool off the 4th street bridge in the mission bay. m buses were brought in to shuffle riders around. late tonight, that bridge finally shut down. keeping san bruno from happening again, building a safer pipeline network is the goal of a bill being considered in washington. but there's a roadblock. republican senator rand paul from kentucky put a hold on the
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bill, saying that the natural gas industry can regulate itself. tell that to the people who lost their loved ones and homes. his stance is not going overwhelm tonight. >> reporter: victims of the san bruno blast are frustrated tonight, believing that politics are getting in the way of safety. but paul is reportedly blaming democratic leaders for the senate's failure to act, saying they could have scheduled a debate and vote on this bill at any time. >> this isn't about politics, it's about safety. >> reporter: he reads the letter he sent to rand paul. >> i was angry about it, that rand paul is holding up a piece of legislation that we need to have to keep us safe in our home. >> reporter: paul is blocking pipeline safety legislation designed to solve some of the problems that led to the explosion that destroyed this san bruno neighborhood and killed eight last year.
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>> it's very frustrating to see this, to know after the ntsb investigation, they did so much work to try and identify the cause and gave us 29 really good recommendations about how we should move forward. >> reporter: the pipeline transportation safety improvement act of 2011 calls for a toughening federal regulations on more than 2 million miles of pipelines nationwide. the bill has unanimous bipartisan support in congress. but paul, a first term kentucky republican, whose father is running for president, says he's opposed to this because he's opposed in principle to expanding legislation. he says the senate bill doesn't begin to put the kind of safety requirements in place that are now in california as a result of the san bruno explosion. >> a lot of these pipelines are old, decades old.
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and so they apply these to new pipelines, that's good. but we should be also looking at reinforcing and bringing the old infrastructure up to date. >> this is not the bill that you make a political point on. this is a bill that saves us all. this is a bill that makes us all safe. >> reporter: meanwhile, the push to tighten federal pipeline oversight may not be over. the obama administration could impose safety rules on its own. we contacted paul's office tonight in washington, d.c., but we did not hear back in time for this news cast. >> okay, thank you. a massachusetts man is arrested for plotting an attack on the pentagon and the u.s. capitol using planes rigged to explode. the 24-year-old planned to use remote controlled planes loaded
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with explosives to carry out the attacks. it turns out he is a u.s. citizen who graduated from north eastern university with a degree in physics. off the streets again. i.c.e. agents wrapping up a sbeet targeting undocumented felons. more than 2,000 ex-cons may be headed back home. u.s. custom enforcement agents arrested 118 people in all. operation crosscheck targeted what they called dangerous criminals with past convictions who continue to live in the states illegally. >> we have to focus our enforcement efforts on the people we think are the worst and pose the greatest danger to the communities. >> while most of those that came from mexico, there were others, including nicaragua and iraq.
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a woman must serve two years in prison after pleading guilty of fraud. she appeared for sentencing today. the 36-year-old must surrender herself in november. she was ordered to pay back the $579,000 she transferred from various accounts to another account between 2002 and 2010. her attorney wrote that his client had taken the weather to maintain a certain level of security and safety for her family. it is an enclave where people feel safe, but tonight students are on edge after two date rapes on campus. students held a rally on campus, organized to address the fear and the frustration that's resonating there. police did arrest an 18-year-old student in connection with the alleged rape of a female student inside a dorm room on september 11. investigators are also looking
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into a second reported rape that took place this past sunday. officers say both alleged attacks involve people the victim's knew, or so-called acquaintance rapes. >> it was surprising, at the same time it really kind of angered me. >> this is something that i believe you just don't do too another human being. >> police tell us that alcohol was involved in at least one of those attacks. students by the way are not supposed to have members of the opposite sex in their dorm rooms between 2:00 and 8:00 a.m. they survived the depression and three major wars, but they're not going to make it through this recent economic downturn. up next, the neighborhood fixture that's closing its doors after more than 70 years. >> i've been hounded by a lot of people asking me for money that i owe. >> and sometimes a little goes a long way. but can you get the bill collectors off your back? up next, we explain the rules,
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your rights and the one thing you can do to get the calls to stop for good. a baby great whitewashing up on shore, but it's what happens next that has people talking tonight. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. on this first full week of fall, a hot day across the bay area. gilroy at 100 degrees and clear skies tonight. we'll talk about some rain coming our way. in fact, one of the largest systems that we may he in here months in my seven-day forecast.
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we have breaking international news coming into the newsroom tonight. there are reports tonight that hugo chavez has been admitted to a military hospital after suffering kidney failure. sources say his condition is serious and that doctors are considering transferring him to a private hospital so he can receive better treatment. chavez had just returned last thursday from cuba where he received radiation treatment for an undisclosed type of cancer. the story is just breaking. it is the end of an era on the peninsula.
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the millbrait lumber company is closing after more than 70 years. the construction crash, just too much for the fixture. jean elle is live with more on this. long-time employees must be suffering. it has to be an uncertain future for them at this point. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. a lot of employees, people who worked there for decades are wondering what the future holds tonight and they tell me that construction is related to the closure of the store, or lack of it. since 1939, the folks here have been giving customers what they want, service. searching for whatever regulars need, from lumber to hardware and everything in between. >> we're more of a personalized business and we have contractors we've been dealing with for many, many years and we know the industry very well. >> reporter: larry has worked here for decades. >> 32 years.
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my dad worked here 14 years and my son worked fear more five years. so three generations of family that have worked in here. >> reporter: as he parks the forklift for the night, his heart is heavy. after more than 70 years, the family run lumberyard is closing. the sagging economy has dragged them down. >> the recession has been long for everybody, and the building industry suffered from it. >> i hate to see them close. it's been a pleasure coming here for the last 35 years. >> reporter: contractor veto catalina says he understands. >> it's hard. it is hard to compete. >> reporter: custom order also be filled for a few more weeks, while ten employees say goodbye. >> it is special. it's almost like a family. it's almost like we bicker with each other like a family too at times. but it's been fun. >> reporter: now the future is uncertain. >> i'm worried about the future. i still need to work a few more
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years. one of the last times i will be punching out. >> reporter: time has run out for what used to be a neighborhood fixture. the closeout sale starts next week. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> such a shame. a loss for all of us. chaos and panic, the picture painted by michael jackson's staff about the day the pop star died. day two, in the trial of conrad murray. jackson's head security guard says he saw dr. murray sweating and nervous, trying to revive jackson. while asking if anybody else knew cpr. jackson's personal assistant testified about getting a voice mail from murray after the doctor realized that jackson was no longer breathing. >> i can't quote it exactly, but it was "call me right away, call me right away, thank you." something to that effect.
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>> and were you asked to call 911? >> no, sir. >> more witnesses are expected to be called tomorrow, including jackson's personal chef and first responders. so was it brave or stupid? that's the question one southern california surfer is probably asking himself tonight. for the past few days, he's been seen on the enter set with his hand inside the mouth of a shark. >> back up! >> are you going to save it? >> this video was shot this past weekend in venice beach. this shark washes up with a hook in its mouth. the surfer is seen reaching in and twisting it tree. once it's out, they carry the shark back into the water where it swam away. the surfer wasn't hurt but he is an internet sensation. in these hard times, debt collection is one business that is not suffering. and some people may have experienced this firsthand. first you get the phone calls.
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the demands. the intimidation. but the question is, how far can bill collectors go to really get you to pay? and how can you get those annoying calls to stop? vicky nguyen has some answers tonight. >> the answering machine answered and you just ignore it. >> reporter: that's one technique collectors are used to talking to voice mail and unhappy people who say they're not behind on their payments at all. >> i've been hounded by a lot of people calling me, asking me for money that i owe, which i don't. >> reporter: but if they think you owe, do they have the right to call you at home or on your cell phone? >> they have a right to call you, but they don't have a right to use threatening techniques or harass you. >> reporter: legitimate debt collectors have to follow federal laws on everything. >> well call between 8:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night. >> they can call you at home, on your cell phone or by whatever means is necessary to reach you. >> reporter: they can even call you at work.
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>> but they can't contact the employer to let the employer know about the get and cast aspersions on you. >> reporter: they can't threaten to arrest you or cause physical harm or harass you. in fact, you can demand that they stop calling. >> if we contact somebody, one of our customers and they say don't call me anymore, we're under federal law to stop calling. >> reporter: if you've done that and you're under a pile of bills, try to work out a payment plan. as long as they know you're trying, most companies will work with you and knowing you're working with them, they'll stop calling. >> i think we all try to do our best. but when you get hassled, it's unfair and it's just a tough time right now. >> reporter: vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> certainly a difficult situation to find yourself in. jeff ranieri is here. it was warm outside today. >> yes. plenty of 90s, even one triple digit out there. we are going to see relief
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tomorrow. for those of you not a fan of the heat, it's going to be getting cooler for us. that triple digit was 100 in gilroy. 96 in san jose. 92 in redwood city. and wait till you get a load of this. clear skies in san francisco. typically this time of year, we have the fog rolling in. that 74 degrees, that's where we should be for the daytime highs and we have that for our number right now. that's a sign of how warm it is right now at the current moment. however, we have a lot of warm weather in the east and south bay. big despaisparity in our temperatures. that's a sign of the fog that's building across the southern coastline. that's going to eventually be cooling us off tomorrow. so for the morning hours, patchy fog, mainly for the coastal areas and that will help to cool the coast for thursday. warm to hot inland and we do
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have some rain in our seven-day forecast and also some of the coolest temperatures we've seen in a while. at least widespread. we do have the storm door open out here. expansive system. the thing with this, we're not going to get rainfall from this, but as it moves up into the northwest, it's going to increase the on shore flow and bring the fog back for tomorrow. and we think by friday, we'll get some marked cooling for the coastline and inland that could drop about 10 to 15 degrees. so friday is the day when a lot of you are going to feel those temperatures drop. as for tomorrow, it's just those of you at the coastline. 67 in san jose, 67 in livermore. upper 50s and low 60s for the north bay. tomorrow, instead of upper 80s, 90 in evergreen. 90 in dublin. the fog starts to build
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offshore. 89 in concord. morning time on the weather channel on cable and you'll see in our forecast, we'll get gradual cooling into the weekend. we introduce that chance of showers on sunday and then monday, tuesday and wednesday, we're looking at a storm system that could bring a quarter to half an inch. so much welcome rainfall but a stark reminder that fall is here. >> so dig out the umbrella. >> yes, find it. still ahead, from cushioning people's feet to padding their promise is leading to customer refunds. everytime you use your jcpenney rewards credit card reveal savings worth 15...20... or 30% extra off all apparel, shoes and accessories. no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney.
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>> yeah, i'm not wearing those reebok shoes, so no worries for me. in sports tonight, the giants and a's done for the season, but a pair of exciting finishes in the playoff races. two east coast cities not sleeping very well right now. we'll show you who's in and who's out and how it wentne is b sports is next here on nbc bay area. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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good evening. this the same way that opening day is sentimental, the final contest of the regular season brings equal emotions, especially when a baseball team endures as much as the giants did this summer. san francisco hosting the rockies. game 162 at at&t on the season. top of the 5th, 3-0 colorado. this is a single, kevin kouzmanoff scores. 4-0, colorado rockies. now in the bottom of the 6th, the giants making a comeback. two score off this single, 4-3. top of the seventh, pat burrell
11:29 pm
comes in. rockies win, though. after leading through eight innings, bottom of the ninth, sox up 3-2. orioles down to the last strike. ground rule double scores hudson. game tied at 3-3. next batter, the single. crawford can't hang on. the orioles win 4-3. boston out of the postseason. the yankees. mark teixeira makes it 5-0. but the rays make it a game. now 7-6, yankees, rays down to their last strike. dan johnson, the solo shot to right. this game tied at 7-7. bottom 12, longoria with the solo shot, the rays win 8-7 and clench the a.l. wild card.
11:30 pm
n.l. wild card. cardinals and astros, cards up 4-0. nick punto with the single to left. david freese will score. 5-0 cardinals after this. chris carpenter, two outs, j.d. martinez will ground back to carpenter. a two-hit complete game shutout with 11 strikeouts. cardinals win 8-0. the braves need to beat philly to get into the postseason. hunter pence singles here. brian schneider scores. 4-3, phillies. last chance for the braves, bottom 13, it's freddie freeman grounding into the double play. that's your ball game. phillies win 4-3 in 13. the cards clench the wild card. so just to recap, cardinals in, rays in, atlanta cannot hang on to a ten-game lead, the red sox blow a nine-contest lead.
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jcpenney. super cute alert. look at him. fans lined up to get their picture taken. boo didn't need to pack anything. he lives in the city. his owner gave the puppy his own facebook page. i am so glad i didn't go down there, because i would have dog napped him. jay leno is next. bye-bye. >> announcer: it's "the tonight


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